This question is one of our favorite questions to answer and it’s not a complicated answer. It is simple and based on fact. 


We are a GOAT FREE product.  


What does that mean? It means that we work with local women's cooperatives to produce our Argan Oil. These cooperatives gather the nuts, peel the skin, crack the nut and then grind them into the luxurious Argan Oil we use in all our products. Lesser quality Argan Oil has been passed through the digestive tract of a goat in order to digest the outer skin of the nut. Once the nut has passed through the goat's system, the nut is then processed into Argan Oil.  




Beauty Nut is committed to manufacturing quality products, offering the highest caliber of clean and cruelty-free Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil directly from Morocco. Our philosophy is to empower everyone and inspire all to love their natural beauty both inside and out. 



Beauty Nut will continue to encourage social responsibility and social good by buying directly from local producers in Morocco and donating 10% of our net profits back to the community.