100% Pure


Produced with 100% Pure Argan Oil extracts. Packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants, this oil may be used everyday as a moisturizer for all-skin-types. Often used to treat skin conditions as Rosacea and Eczema, Argan oil carries anti-aging properties that fend off free radical damage from exterior elements. this product may be used topically for Skin, Hair and NairCare.

HAIRCARE: Restoration

Take care of your winter woes and revitalize your hair from root to end with Beauty Nut's Nutural Vitality Hair Serum.

what they're saying

It's divine!

The Argan Oil a great base under makeup and smooths for my skin. The oil also helps my hands and nail cuticles that were damaged by chemicals used during a nail care process.
Melanie H.

Great product

I love love love this oil. I love love love this oil. I have very dry and sensitive skin so I am very picky with products I put on my skin.This argan oil is just perfect for what I need.

highly recommend

If you are looking for an acne solution, this oil is for you. This oil has changed my life. It's been a week and I already see some improvements. My skin looks brighter and smooth. The oil absorbs easily onto the skin.

Good Moisture

My feet have been super dry and I’ve tried everything you can possibly think of. This argon oil finally gave me relief and made my skin soft. The oil doesn’t leave residue and is absorbed very well.
Diana P.