7 Easy Steps To Give Yourself A Dreamy At-Home Facial

7 Easy Steps To Give Yourself A Dreamy At-Home Facial

With your skincare provider closed right now due to COVID-19, how will you manage your skin? There is good news! Doing it yourself at home is much easier than you might think. Because our skin is so stressed out right now, it is essential to slow down and show up for yourself. You can show yourself some self-love in the form of giving yourself an at-home facial, which is an excellent way to reset, unwind, and take some time to connect to yourself. 

Here are 7 easy steps on how to treat yourself to the dreamiest do-it-yourself facial. 

1. Pick Products That Feel Good 

Begin by looking for facial products that will stimulate your senses, such as Beauty Nut’s Argan Oil in Green Tea, Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang, Chocolate, and Vanilla. These products are designed to give you that sensory experience so that when you breathe in, you automatically feel good. You can find these products here. 

2. Make The Extra Effort 

To get that professional spa experience, dampen a towel and stick it in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds. A warm towel is a perfect place to start removing your makeup. To get your skin ready for exfoliation, you can also place it on your face for like five minutes. This makes it easier to remove the impurities and will loosen up any oil or dirt in your pores. 

3. Start Glowing 

Once you’ve cleansed your skin thoroughly, it is time to sough off any buildup with an exfoliant. Exfoliation is a skincare technique where you remove dead cells from the top layer of your skin. Exfoliation helps brighten your skin, helping to give it a glow, by removing this layer of clutter off of your skin. 

4. Be Gentle and Kind 

Although tempting, you want to avoid performing extractions at home as you could do more harm than good. When done incorrectly, extractions can trigger breakouts by causing inflammation and spreading bacteria. There’s also a risk of creating permanent damage by scarring the skin. But if you’re on the ball about cleansing and exfoliating, you’ll likely see a decrease in blackheads and whiteheads.

5. Mask for More Goodness

Now comes the masking portion of the regime. Use a sheet mask while you sit back and relax or try a faster formula if you don’t like to wait around. To take your facial one step further, put on eye patches for a refreshing boost and use a lip mask to mend any chapping. 

6. Touch your Face 

Finally, you can touch your face again! So often we don’t take the time to massage our skincare into our skin, we just throw it on, calling it a day. Not only does it help you to relax, but working your products into your skin also makes ingredients sink in deeper while stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Try the “heart ritual”: using both hands, start at the center of your face and trace a heart, out to your ears and down underneath your chin. Next, draw a larger heart starting between your brows, opening out to your temples, and closing along your jawline.

7. Finishing Touches  

Massage on a serum such a Beauty Nuts Argan or Prickly Pear Seed Oil. Then, seal in everything with a great moisturizer, and don’t forget your eyes and lips. End your facial by patting on eye cream and coating your lips with a hydrating balm. Repeat weekly or whenever you need a break!

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